Nova’s founder, Guy Naylor, once ran a fleet of 150 home delivery and installation trucks throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. His clients were some of the largest appliance and electronics retailers in the U.S. Contending with haul-aways and packaging waste was a day to day challenge for Mr. Naylor and his team. Then one day his haul-away service provider didn’t show up. After he figured out what do with the appliances, Nova was born.

Two years later, in October 2000, Nova Services Inc. was incorporated. Guy divested his interest in the delivery business to focus on the development of Nova. Over the years Guy has innovated ways to co-mingle and process entire waste streams; haul aways and all of the packaging waste and recycle 95-98% of it. Seven years after the company was founded Nova’s branded, home delivery recycling solution- TRUST was trademarked.

Nova’s customers have been enjoying the benefits to their bottom line through reduced disposal costs and making huge strides in saving our environment through our Total Resource Utilization SysTem. Through consistent results and strong service and logistics Nova has grown from one to ten facilities in the last four years and have six new facilities slated for 2011-2012. As the organization has grown we have been able to drive new technology and recruit talented personnel into the operation to support the expansion and ready ourselves for the next phase of growth.
We are InNOVAtive appliance recycling.

Nova Services Locations:

New Corporate Office:

2500 Grays Road
Dundalk, MD 21222
Phone: 410-388-2200
Fax: 410-388-2213

Baltimore Roll-Off/Mulch Facility

701 Pittman Road
Curtis Bay, MD 21226

Rhode Island Appliance Facility
100 Higginson Avenue, Unit 3
Lincoln, RI 02865

Nova Services Mid Atlantic
3000 Orthodox Street
Philadelphia, PA 19137

Richmond Appliance Facility
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, VA 23224

Avon Exports and Nova Miami
9014 NW 105th Way
Medley, FL 33178

Coming soon!
Lakeland, FL