Covering 32 states, managing 10 facilities and over 700 active service locations takes strong fleet and logistics management along with streamlined data processing and tracking.

With nearly 13 years of direct fleet management Nova has become a trucking company.  A flexible 24/7 trucking company that supports our business- appliance and packaging waste recycling.  This unique and dynamic business model has led to the development of our own proprietary software designed for fleet management integrated with inventory and recycled commodity tracking.

LOLA- Logistic Operations Load Application software is a web application software that allows Nova to link our processing and trucking facilities with one another and our corporate headquarters in real-time. The software is designed to reflect our culture and business model of direct, vertical process control, by the book environmental processing and standardized procedures.

With a few keystrokes we can generate reports detailing the number of appliances, tons of cardboard, Styrofoam and other recyclable items you have kept out of the landfill through our TRUST® program or give you an update on your pick up.

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