Nova’s dynamic and vertical business model has challenged “out of the box” software….so we developed our own.

LOLA –Our Logistic Operations Load Application software is custom designed to handle our complex logistics and material tracking. This helps us to provide you with real-time status of your service request. LOLA also allows us to quickly and easily create reporting for our customers. In a matter of minutes we can show you how many appliances we processed, tons of cardboard recycled or the amount of Styrofoam and plastic captured.

LOLA is a Web platform software that allows us to connect our entire fleet and processing hubs across 32 states in real time. Dynamic linking of pick up requests to bills of lading to receipt and trailer inventories allows us to provide our customers with pin point service status as well as valuable information about your specific recycling efforts.

With this detailed tracking and reporting capability, our TRUST® recycling program provides you with the same piece of mind in Wilmington, NC, Ames, IA or Portland, ME- on-time, cost-savings and major environmental benefits. Our TRUST® program is designed to capture and recycle waste and LOLA is designed to capture and illustrate your environmental efforts and assure you of our guaranteed on-time service.

Our valued contract customers can have firewall controlled access to their data and pick-up records through LOLA’s web based portal.

We offer LOLA as a stand-alone software product and would be glad to discuss how we can streamline your logistics and tracking needs. Please Contact Us for more information.