TRUST® is Nova Services branded recycling process for home delivery operations directly managed by retailers, third party warehouse and delivery companies and public utilities and municipalities.

At the center of TRUST® is environmentally responsible appliance recycling but we aren’t just scrap metal guys.  We look at the entire waste stream of large haul-away delivery processes and figure out a way to achieve 95-98% recycle rates for all non-food waste.  It is like the single stream curbside recycling we have at our homes… on a much larger scale.  We call it mega-stream recycling.

Last year Nova Services recycled 49,000,000 cubic feet of waste and plan on reaching100,000,000 in 2011.  We focus on appliances and the related packaging waste but can offer integrated solutions for  operations dealing with electronics, mattresses and pallets as well.

Learn more on how Nova’s TRUST® program can streamline your operation, save or eliminate waste disposal costs and save our environment.
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